Search for the 15th President of Rockhurst University

Search for the 15th President of Rockhurst University


The Rockhurst University Board of Trustees seeks qualified candidates to become the University’s 15th president and invites nominations, expressions of interest and applications for the position. Recently expanded academic offerings in the health sciences, a nationally recognized business school and a core curriculum based on the Jesuit ideal of a well-rounded education, combined with the appeal of a vibrant city in a central Midwest location, make this opportunity an attractive one for a leader ready to guide a highly regarded University to the next level. This profile provides an overview of the University and the position.

About Kansas City’s Jesuit University

Founded in 1910 and located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, Rockhurst is a Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition committed to providing inclusive, innovative, and transformative education while welcoming students of all faith traditions. As a comprehensive university and supportive community of nearly 4,000 students, our mission is to form lifelong learners in the liberal arts tradition who engage the complexities of our world and serve others as compassionate, thoughtful leaders.


Rockhurst is one of 27 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States that together comprise the largest network of independent education in the country. From a global perspective, our graduates belong to the worldwide Jesuit network of more than two million alumni from 186 colleges and universities, opening the door to career, philanthropic and social connections wherever they go.


Rockhurst is an independent, nonprofit organization governed by a board of elected trustees. The majority of our board members are Jesuit-educated CEOs or top leaders in their organizations. A maximum of 35 members and two recent graduate trustees can serve on the board.


The Faculty Senate represents faculty interests and concerns to the administration and ensures shared governance, and the Staff Advisory Council serves as a bridge for exempt and nonexempt staff members to the administration.

Fast Facts

3626 total enrollment

2,704 undergraduate and 922 graduate

403 freshmen entering college for the first time (FTC)

38 percent of FTC students come from diverse backgrounds

2021 marked the seventh straight year Rockhurst’s first-year student population became more diverse

33 percent of FTC students are first-generation college

38 percent of FTC students are Catholic, with 20 different faiths represented on campus

14:1 student to faculty ratio (as of fall 2020)

77 percent of full-time faculty hold a terminal degree (as of fall 2020)

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2021 Presidential Search Committee Membership

Current members of the Rockhurst University Board of Trustees:

Thomas Hastings, '81
Kenneth Garrett, '79
Nancy Creasy, '84
Maryanne Roepke, '78
Tom Sack, '80
Gary Belske, '77
Lisa Vansaghi
Kush Patel, '15
Derrick Weingartner, S.J.
Mark Bosco, S.J.

Non-Trustee Committee Appointments:

Shatonda Jones
Fr. Brian Frain, S.J.
Diego Gutierrez, '14
April Gray, '21
Nhukim Nguyen
Joe Reardon, '90
Kerm Fendler